My favorite bibimbap in Toronto

Kimchi Korea House

Nowadays I’m obsessed with bibimbap, a type of Korean dish served in a stone pan that continues to cook the food at the table. There are numerous versions, usually based on rice or noodles.

Kimchi Korea House is my favorite place in Toronto to get a delicious bibimbap. My husband and I go there every time we’re close and always have a nice experience.

To start, they bring a selection of Korean appetizers that we love. There’s glass noodles, soybean sprouts and, of course, kimchi! Some of them are spicy, so be careful if you’re not fond of spicy food.

Kimchi Korea House

Sometimes we order the beef bibimbap but my favorite is the salmon one. It comes with a rice base, vegetables and an egg. What I like most is that it still cooks on the table, so you can hear the satisfying sound of rice being fried on a stone while you mix your food with sauce.

Kimchi Korea House

Talking about the sauce, they provide teriyaki sauce and Sracha, so you can condiment your dish as you like it. I enjoy it spicy but Cris prefer it mild.

Another thing we like to order there is a bottle of Kloud, a traditional Korean beer. It’s perfect to pair with this type of food.

Kimchi Korea House

If you ask me about the dessert there I can’t tell you because the dish portions are so generous that we never ordered anything else. But I know I need to try it!

Kimchi Korea House



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