Koh Lipe Thai Kitchen is a hidden gem you need to try

Summer in Toronto

Eating outside is one of my favourite things to do. Better though when we find hidden gems, right? Hubby and I were walking near Kensington Market when we found Koh Lipe Thai Kitchen, and what a pleasant surprise!

The day was so hot that I’m glad we ordered a Singha beer right away, a Thai pale lager which was very refreshing and made our day.

Summer in Toronto

I couldn’t decide what dish to order so I did something that never goes wrong: I looked at other tables until I found something interesting. That’s how we chose to share the Luok Jhim ($27.95) a big plate with Streamed Shrimps, Mussels, Squids and Fish Served with Seafood Spicy Sauce. It comes with rice aside.

Summer in Toronto

The taste was rich and very spicy. I’d say if you don’t stand strong spices stay away from the red and green ones on this plate and you’ll be fine. If you love them, well, you love them, lol. I like spicy food but my tolerance is not very high, so I ate some but not all of them.


My tip is drizzling the rice with seafood sauce. It adds the right amount of spice and you get all the rich flavours from the seasoning.

Summer in Toronto


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