How to wear boots as a petite woman


Boots are a staple and essential for every girl’s closet regardless of her shape or size. Whether you’re petite or round, tall or short, stick-thin or athletic, never shy away from boots because they can make your outfit look classy in less than 2 minutes.

Here are some boot styles that are perfect for petite frames.


Make Ankle Boots your Best Friend:


Ankle boots are a closet staple for every woman. A flat Chelsea Boot can make a woman with a petite frame look taller because it’s a minimal style that does not overwhelm or distract from your style. Adding the illusion of length to your lower half makes you look amazing.

Boots that Don’t Gap at the Ankle:

If you’ve found boots that gap at the ankle, make sure they’re not going too high. Those boots that come up above your ankle towards your mid-calf aren’t for us petite women. Try to find something that lands right at or just above your ankle. Otherwise, you might as well skip straight to knee-high boots.

You Can Wear Tall Boots:


Petite frames don’t need to shy away from high boots. The trick to this style is to aim for a pair that is 1–2 inches below your kneecap. If you’re looking for an additional height, go for a heel stacked or even a wedge to give a lift.

Over-The-Knee Boots look Great:


We’ve learned from some of the clients that they don’t think over-the-knee boots are a choice for them. Consider an over-the-knee style instead of a knee-high—the longer the boot, the longer the frame would look. And the great part of that? You will have fun with the shorter hemlines! Consider the over-the-knee style as additional covering and play with dress and skirt length.

Always Go for a Heel:

Apparently, high heel boots will make the legs look longer, but try to find any heel. And though it’s just 1 inch. The little boost could make a difference.

Add Tights:

Just add tights to your outfit, whenever you’re in doubt. They make your legs look slimmer and taller.

Always Avoid a Square Toe:


Instead, try to find a round or pointed toe. It may sound like a little thing, but it will make your legs look longer.

Boots should be celebrated by everyone because they make an outfit look complete and chic. Whether you are a size zero or a size ten, you deserve to be happy in your skin and wear whatever you like.


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