How to style mini skirts

We love mini skirts in Spring/Summer but they can be intimidating, right? The thing is: as a person who loves to wear them I can say wearing short skirts is easier than you think.

And at the end, they can be very versatile as well. Ok, maybe they’re not very appropriate to work, but you can have a lot of fun on more casual (and hot!) days!

Here I list some simple tips that can help you to style a mini skirt

Balance is everything

I always say balance is everything and it makes even more sense when we’re talking about a piece we’re not totally confident with.


The rule is simple: always try to compensate for the extremes. If a piece is too bulky on the bottom, wear something tighter to the body on the top and vice-versa.

So, if we’re wearing a short piece on the bottom, we should try not to wear something too small on the top.

Make the piece more playful

The trick to making any piece look less intimidating is adding some playful characteristics, like a fun colour, for example.

You can even make it more casual by wearing sneakers.

Have fun with your legs

You can take advantage of the mini skirt to make your legs the protagonists of your outfit. And you don’t have to do it only by showing them off. You can wear bold boots and even really long boots or simply play with colourful tights!


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