Friday Freebie: Meal Planners to Print

This Friday’s Freebie is for those who love to cook daily but can, sometimes, feel stuck because they don’t know what to prepare. I can totally relate!

As someone who cooks daily I know it can be challenging to always know what to make and buy in advance. And I can tell you: there’s no secret formula: you have to plan.

What I like to do is to plan all my meals every Friday (the same time I plan my next week) so I sit, write down everything I’m gonna cookie, and then list everything I have to buy.

This process helps me because 1) I don’t have to lose time everyday thinking about what to cook and 2) it makes me save money because I don’t buy more than what I need for the week.

I designed these sheets to help me with this process, so you’re gonna find a space to write your lunch and dinner for each day for the week (from Monday to Friday) and a space to list everything you have to shop for.

There are 6 different ones that you can use as many times as you want. As usual, I have included a black and white version in case you want to save the printer ink.

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