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French Onion Beef Strips over Mashed Potatoes

Winter is almost over and it’s time to say goodbye. And is there a better way to say goodbye than cooking delicious comfy food? Yes! Cooking FRENCH comfy food! This recipe is inspired by the traditional (and beloved!) french onion soup. It combines smashed potatoes and sirloin strips with caramelized onions. Do I have to […]

My 5 minute fondue recipe to elevate your Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s day! Do you love the most romantic day of the year as much as we do? To start our celebrations this year, hubby and I enjoyed a chocolate fondue last night. I’m so glad Green & Black’s sent me a selection of their chocolates (and some incredible surprises) so I could set up […]

Saag Halloumi with Spinach & Tomatoes

It’s Monday! ?Is there a better way to start our week’s dinners than with a delicious comfort and light food? Yeah, you heard it right: this dish can be considered comfy and yet it’s kinda light ? The base is basmati rice and even with cream on the recipe, the halloumi is light enough to […]

Who told you meatballs can’t be a fresh dish?

Meatballs can be the perfect comfort food. Especially with some pasta and heavy sauce. But they can also be fresh. We love meatballs and they’re not uncommon in Good Food weekly options, so that’s why they’re frequently on our table. (if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already noticed) This recipe I’m sharing today […]