Cabana Waterfront Patio: A Place to See and Be Seen in Toronto

The Week in Toronto

If you want to see and be seen in Toronto, you need to head to the Cabana Waterfront Patio, one of the hottest places in the city. In addition to the pool that already gives you amazing photos (closed while we’re still dealing with the pandemic), there you have an amazing view of the Toronto skyline and – in case you’re not satisfied with the photo options for Instagram yet – there are also VIP cabanas and other photo-friendly spots.

The Week in Toronto

We went there for the second time and found exactly what we remembered: good food, great selection of drinks and a party atmosphere.

Among our friends, we shared a tray of Loaded Cabana Nachos ($24), already known to us, lol. We reordered it on this second visit because it is really good. In addition to coming in a generous portion, of both nachos and toppings, it comes with a variety of sauces that make a single dish taste like several.

The Week in Toronto

I ordered Cumin & Chilli Beef Tacos ($21) which taste exactly like the name: strong cumin flavour and very spicy. But it’s just right and well balanced with lemon accents. I just thought that this dish could be a little larger.

The Week in Toronto

Cris ordered the Angus Beef Burger ($22) which was well done, well seasoned and with perfect fries. I confess that I was jealous of him because, for sure, the dish was much more generous than mine.

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