Wvrst: My go-to place for artisanal sausages in Toronto

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Continuing with the series Affordable places to eat in Downtown Toronto, today I’m sharing with you one of my favourites: Wvrst. It’s a beer and cider hall that offers several artisanal sausages.

To be honest, I never had a beer there (and now while I’m writing this I think it’s a shame) because every time I go there it’s for a weekday lunch.

When you order you have to decide two things: 1) your sausage and 2) the style.

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They offer so many sausages they are divided into some categories: traditional, game (unusual recipes), poultry and others. If you’re vegetarian, you don’t have to worry as you can choose between 7 different sausages!


For style you can choose to have your sausage in a toasted bun or the Curryvvrst (sliced sausage with country bread and tomato curry sauce).


The prices are based on the sausages you choose and vary between $6.50 and $10.40. You can choose two of these four toppings: jalapeño, onions, sweet peppers and sauerkraut. There are some additional ones with extra charges.

The last time I ordered Elk ($10.40), with porcini and seasoned with cumin. Every time I go there I try a new one in a toasted bun. I also try one new topping, but my second one is always sauerkraut. I love it!

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My husband’s choice was Bison ($10.40) with blueberry and maple. He also ordered in a toasted bun, but with sweet peppers and sauerkraut (he’s a fan like me).

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It’s interesting that I usually have a favourite dish in each restaurant I have on my favourites list but it’s different at Wvrst. Every time I go there I wanna try something different and that’s why we keep going back there for lunch.

We usually go to the King St location, but there’s another one at the Union Station.

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