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We went to an authentic Polish restaurant in Toronto

We went to Café Polonez, considered one of the best places in Toronto to get authentic Polish food, to see if we would like its food. It’s a very simple place, but we saw people speaking in a language that seems to be Polish to me. And when we come to an ethnic place and […]

PC Chef Meal Kit: my first experience

If you follow my blog, you already know I’m a Good Food subscriber. We’ve been receiving their meal kit boxes for four years now and therefore, it’s part of our daily cooking life. Last week we didn’t receive our kit as scheduled and we couldn’t contact their customer service because – even though we were […]

How to prepare the perfect date night with cheese and wine

Who said romantic date nights have to be a dinner at a fancy restaurant? Sometimes you just don’t wanna have all the trouble to dress up. Let alone cooking, right? That’s why setting a table with some cheese and wine can be the perfect recipe for a wonderful night! For this post I partnered up […]