How I edit my Photos for Instagram and Blog

One of the most important things for a beautiful Instagram feed is style consistency. There are a lot of ways to develop a unique style (if you want, I can talk more about it on a future post) but definitely, the easiest way is using the same filter on every photo.

And since I changed my preset (aka filter) some weeks ago, a lot of people have asked about it. So I think it’s time for me to share with you how I do it on my phone and give you all my own preset to use anytime you want on your own photos.

First of all, you need to download my preset for Adobe Lightroom. No worries, I’m giving it to you for free:


Download Unlock

The Free App I use

I use Adobe Lightroom in my photos. Actually I use it on my desktop as well, but the mobile version is free (let me know if you want a tutorial on Lightroom Classic in the future).

If you’re an iPhone user, you can download it here. If you’re an Android user, click here to download.

This is a powerful editing app and I strongly suggest you to explore its features besides the presets.

What’s a preset (filter)?

A preset is a sequence of settings saved to be applied to other photos. It works like this: I changed some settings in my photo (the shades of the colours, saturation, etc.) and saved this information as a preset. If I wanna have another photo with the same characteristics of this first one, I only need to apply the preset and all the settings will be “pasted”.

How to install and use my preset on your phone

Easy!!! Just follow these steps:

After you download my preset, it will be an image on your phone. It will look like this (below) or a regular photo.

Click to export the image and select the Adobe Lightroom among other apps that will appear.

And then launch Lightroom. If this message doesn’t show up for you, no worries, you can launch the app normally from your main screen.

You’ll see this photo among your own photos (yes, it’s my dog 😍).

Once you have opened the photo on Lightroom, click on the … icon.

Choose the option Create Preset.

Write the name of your preset and click ✓.

All set! You can now use my preset. Let me show you how to use it. Open any photo you want. Then click on Presets.

Choose my preset.

That’s it! It’s like magic!

You can export the image as it is or you can play around Lightroom and edit other features. Remember all photos are different, so sometimes you have to brighten a photo or adjust other settings.

Let me know if you want more tricks and tutorials!


Download Unlock


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