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Toronto Blogger

Life is so different right now. Being at home can be fun sometimes, but in the afternoon it is inevitable to feel stuck. I would like to be on the balcony all day long, but here in Toronto the temperatures are rising slowly. Sometimes we get a 10ºC and it’s time to enjoy a little sunshine. However, most of the time it’s around 0ºC.

But in times like this it is extremely important to stay positive, so I rather celebrate the rare moments of sunshine than the long cloudy days. And it’s kinda a good thing. Maybe we need some scarcity of enjoyable moments to start to value them more. If today were a normal day, maybe I wouldn’t leave everything I was working on to simply have an orange juice on the balcony. I would doubly take a photo of such an ordinary moment.

And now I have a photo to remember forever that good moments – even the simplest ones – have to be celebrated and registered. I hope in a few months I can look at this photo and appreciate my ordinary life more.

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Toronto Blogger
Toronto Blogger
Toronto Blogger


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