We made Chinese fondue (hot pot) at home

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We’re all about fondue right now (ok, about air fryer recipes too, lol). Since we bought our electric fondue set, we’ve been preparing fondue at least once a week. Yep, once a week.

It’s our new tradition: every Sunday night we have cheese fondue and now and then we have other types.

The fondue set we’re in love with:

Last Saturday we tried Chinese fondue (hot pot). Ok, a simplified version of it. It’s hard to emulate a traditional one at home as restaurants can offer a variety of dippers that are impossible to have at home, especially when it’s a dinner for only two people. So we stuck to the basics.

The broth

Asian cuisines are famous for their elaborated and slow cooked broths. They’re so rich in flavours that they determine if a meal will be superb or just ok. So, of course, I never intended to reach their standards. I bought a regular beef broth.


But what I did and you can also do at home is to add more flavours to the broth. Something really simple that you can do and it elevates your broth instantly is chopping some ginger and add it to the broth.

Besides the ginger I added a spoon of sweet chilli paste and the magic was done! My broth got so much richer.

The dippers

You can have so many things as dippers. I would say, before anything, take a look at your fridge and I’m sure we’re gonna find something. It can be beef, chicken, shrimp, vegetables, mushrooms… you name it!

For our hot pot night we got beef (the thinner the slices the better), bok choy (a great choice of vegetable as it can be cooked), shitake, baby carrots and udon noodles.

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My Tips

Make sure everyone likes everything that is being served as the dippers are placed together in the pot.

Try to have a selection of at least 1 meat, 1 green, 1 other vegetable, 1 type mushroom and 1 noodle (besides the udon, you can serve ramen or rice noodles).

Have a small bowl for each guest instead of plates, as we can eat it as soup. Besides forks (or chopsticks) it’s a good idea to have spoons.

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger
Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

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