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by Luciana

I’m Luciana (you can call me Lu 😉), a Lifestyle Blogger and Entrepreneur in her 30’s who has a passion for life and helping others to live their best.

Blogging for more than 10 years, I’ve struggled with my “outcast feelings”. Even consistently writing and taking photos, I’m a really shy girl who never felt having what it takes to be an influencer (at least what I thought an influencer was).

I love fashion but never really had this sense for high, bold and extravagant fashion. I love beauty but I’m far from being a beauty guru. But most of all: I love to feel good about myself.

When I found out who I really was, instead of trying to fit standard roles, I found my path. Now I blog with confidence, I share my almost-but-not-too-much-bold outfits regularly and help others to do the same.

And then I created Picked by Lu, a shop inspired by other women like me who work hard (on a corporate job or at home), value quality time with people we love and want to feel pretty (but just for us 😉).

At my store you can find clothes personally curated by me with a simple mantra in mind: NO BS FASHION! Real outfit for real women.

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Luisa 20 de October de 2018 - 09:00

Bom dia Luciana,
Sou super fã do seu canal. Esse ano fui para Toronto com a minha família e usei suas dicas do vlog. Já me sentia em casa antes mesmo de chegar.
Vi um dos seus vlogs sobre o apto que vc alugou para os seus sogros e que iria colocar o link desse apto.
Teria como me fazer a gentileza de me mandar?
Voltarei ano que vem e gostaria de alugar um apto. Como vc disse que aprovou iria pesquisa lo.
Muito obrigada,
Luisa Araujo


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