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by Luciana


I am Luciana Couto. I am a journalist who loves to show the world to the world. Photographing, filming, writing, speaking … my passion is telling stories.

A few years ago I decided it was time to go in search of a Creative Lifestyle: a combination of full life, creativity, entrepreneurship and freedom. Today I help other women do the same.

I post here almost daily and run my Lifestyle Business: Picked by Lu, a shop curated by me for my audience.

I live in Toronto, Canada, with my husband Cris and our “little dog” Syrah.

My whole Story

I was born in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but with 13 years I moved with my parents to Vila Velha, ES. There I fulfilled my dream of becoming a journalist at the Federal University of Espirito Santo, and as soon as I received my diploma, I took the risk and went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I lived for more than three years.

Among all the incredible things I’ve learned in a different culture, maybe the one that has changed my life most was Marketing. With the incredible opportunity I had, I ended up knowing the discipline that changed my driving career and allowed me to conquer everything I earned professionally.

I returned from Argentina, worked in some Marketing agencies in Espírito Santo until I had a great opportunity in Rio de Janeiro. I did a lot, but I also traveled a lot. With my obsession with knowing different places and having different experiences I ended up accumulating many stamps in the passport and countless stories to tell.

At the same time, I rediscovered my passion for Photography – forgotten since college time – and the result is thousands of photos from more than 20 countries.

Paris, Paris...

That’s when I embraced my new career and earned my MBA in Marketing from USP. From the outside, life seemed incredible, but deep inside I felt trapped in a life I had never dreamed of. It was hours inside an office, living with a lot of good people, and others… not so much. I began to realize that I worked hard eleven months of the year to live only for one. I realized that I was not the owner of my time and that my life was seen like a commodity. That needed to change.

I left my work and faced the most gratifying madness of my life. I decided to work for myself and sell my work at a fair price and on my terms. I drew still more. I worked a burden that even I did not know I could handle, but even at the height of my fatigue, I never felt miserable as before.

When everything seemed in place, came the opportunity to move to Canada. The reliance on a college here to keep our visa made me face the cruellest reality of my life: I could not keep my work – the one for which I struggled so hard – and fulfill my student obligations at the same time. I watched my projects drain out of my hands and it was painful.

My Ice Wedding

In July of 2016 I happened to watch a Casey Neistat video that changed my life. In a few minutes he told an interesting story of an ordinary day and, better, the next day he would have another, and another … he would do such a daily vlog! At that moment I decided that it was so cool that I would do the same.

I started out without knowing anything, filming my day, putting pieces together in iMovie … until I learned many new things …

One day I realized that this was exactly what I’ve been looking for all my life: a way of exercising my passion for storytelling and at the same time being able to explore a different format that could fit my reality.

It was 18 months making videos EVERY day and posting on Youtube. An experience that at first glance seems to have exposed me to the world, but which in fact was the greatest journey of self-knowledge that I could go through.


I have rediscovered my origins – the passion for producing content – and I have also discovered that I have room for new passions and new challenges.

Finally, at 2018, we got our Permanent Residency, which took away from me the burden of having to attend a college to keep our visa.

I took the chance of a fresh start to rethink my business, incorporate my new experiences and 
I could create a new business helping women to succeed on their creative lifestyle business.

Today I have the privilege of living on my content. From doing what I love and still having new experiences every day. In April XNUMX started Picked By Lu, a little Lifetsyle shop where I put all my heart to curate the best products to make all life happier everyday.

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Luisa 20 de October de 2018 - 09:00

Bom dia Luciana,
Sou super fã do seu canal. Esse ano fui para Toronto com a minha família e usei suas dicas do vlog. Já me sentia em casa antes mesmo de chegar.
Vi um dos seus vlogs sobre o apto que vc alugou para os seus sogros e que iria colocar o link desse apto.
Teria como me fazer a gentileza de me mandar?
Voltarei ano que vem e gostaria de alugar um apto. Como vc disse que aprovou iria pesquisa lo.
Muito obrigada,
Luisa Araujo


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