Shopping Diary: Ralph Lauren Leopard Print Loafers

I have to admit we’re already at the end of summer. The good news is: it’s time to shop for new clothes!

And as I told you on my Transition from summer to fall blog post, loafers can be our best friends at this period because they allow us to still wear some summer clothes but protect us from cold.

That’s why I went shopping for my new loafers and when I found this pair from Ralph Lauren it was love at first sight!

I already used it while walking through Toronto and I would like to share with you my honest review of it.


This pair of loafers is really good looking. And what I like most about it is classical, so I think I’ll be using it for several falls.

Choosing an animal print piece can be trick sometimes because it can easily look cheap. That’s why it’s important to look for quality items.

Another important thing is to try choosing more basic designs as animal print can be bold enough and, if you don’t want to overwhelm your outfit, stay with the basics.


The quality of the pair is notorious even only looking at it. It’s made from leather and sheep skin which makes it durable and yet expensive-looking.


I have tried them on medium-range walks and I can say they are quite comfortable. Their interior design accommodates the sole of the foot very well and I didn’t hurt my heel (very common thing to happen to my feet).


I will use them a lot during this transition from warm to cold weather. Unfortunately, winter in Toronto doesn’t allow me to wear this kind of footwear, so I want to wear them a lot over the next few weeks.

What I liked the most about this model is that I can combine it with the summer clothes I’m still wearing, but also with the autumn wardrobe.

Here are some outfit examples with these Ralph Lauren Leopard Print Loafers:

Lavelle Toronto
I use it with summer clothes to protect my feet from the wind.
A perfect example of outfit to transition from summer to fall.

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