Shopping Diary: Michael Kors Pumps


It’s time to transition from Summer to Fall. And this means a lot of things, not just start wearing warmer clothes. Even the “vibe” of the clothes and accessories change, right?

We are starting to plan how to make some changes to our home decor, researching about comfort food (the best part of fall!) and, of course, it’s time to feel like we’re set to start the cold part of the year.

For me, more than anything, the transition to fall means a transition to more sophisticated outfits. Even loving summer and its relaxed vibes, I miss building more tied looks.

And as Coco Chanel once said:

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”

Coco Chanel

Let’s start with the shoes! I have already started to pay more attention to this. I wrote this post about the best loafers I ever read and now it’s time to talk about my new favorite: this Michael Kors pumps I just got.

These shoes look so basic but at the same time it’s a must on my wardobre. Its color is neutral but its finishing is really shinning, which makes it easy to match, but at the same time, a touch of boldness to any outfit.

I wore them with a floral skirt and velvet blouse and they tied my outfit perfectly for a date night.


The main concern when we buy pumps is being elegant, but let’s face it: the second is comfort. We want to look perfect but we don’t want to suffer for that. There’s no point in looking so beautiful if we’re feeling miserable.

So comfort was the selling point of these shoes for me. When I tried it at the store it felt so good I didn’t want to take them off. Of course, there’s a time limit to be on such high heels but for a dinner night these are totally fine.

The advice I would give to anyone who wears these Michael Kors pumps is to plan their way very carefully. Be sure you won’t walk by irregular sidewalks or over damaged surfaces because of their varnish. At the night when I wore these shoes I knew I wouldn’t be walking on the street, I would take few steps from car to restaurant and from restaurant to car.

Besides that, there’s not much maintenance care. You can clean them with a wet towel. Easy peasy.

Easier than cleaning is the matching. As I said, the nude color can be paired with almost any other one. I plan to wear them with dresses and maybe some shorts for a bolder look.





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