Pear-Shaped Fashion Tips

Classic pear forms are distinguished by their hips and bottoms being broader than their shoulders and busts. If you have a slimmer upper body but prefer to bear your weight around your hips and lower half, you are likely to have a pear shape.

But let’s have a peek at how to wear a pear form, don’t worry, it’s pretty straight forward. As the pear-shaped figures have smaller shoulders and bust than the legs, the key advice is to align the figure by enhancing the top half to attract eyes upwards.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Wear vivid colors and patterns on your upper body.
  • Dress darker shades on the lower half.
  • Pick tops with features such as ruffles or embellishments
  • Pick the uppers and dresses with the statement sleeves
  • Go for off-the-shoulder and Bardot necklines
  • Accessories of necklaces or colorful scarves
  • Making these minor adjustments to how you wear will balance your proportions, making your legs and arms narrower and your shoulders wider.

Dresses for Pear Shaped Body

When it comes to the right dresses to complement your body form, A-line or fit and flare skirts are the most flattering pear-shaped dresses, skimming over your curves and not sticking to the widest portion of your body. Wrap dresses may also be perfect pear shape dresses, as they cinch you in the waist, making a slender silhouette.

Statement sleeves dresses are also a flattering choice when it comes to pear shape dresses, as they tend to pull your eye up and balance your body. Likewise, embellished collars or necklines work in the same manner to bring bulk to your upper half and draw attention to your narrow waist and shoulders.

Tops For Pear Shaped Bodies

Choosing a wide neckline or a shoulder style will make your shoulders look bigger, balancing your hips. Choose vibrant colors or lighter tones on the top and leave the bottom half a bit darker or in a neutral hue to keep your body in balance. Another simple recommendation is to pick the tops with specifics, whether you prefer ruffles, prints, or statement sleeves, all of which will bring your eyes upwards, again highlighting your top half.

Trousers for Pear Shaped Figures

When it comes to pear-shaped trousers, we recommend avoiding slim pants or straight or flared designs that create a flattering balance between the legs and hips. If you want a slimmer leg, you only need to select a darker color and match it with a looser top fitting. Alongside flares or bootleg trousers, broad leg pants and harem pants are a safer alternative for pear shapes, since they skip past your hips rather than stick to your sides While selecting pear shape pants, it is also important to remember details such as pockets and embellishments, as these will pull your eyes down.

Now you know how to dress with a body that doesn’t hold you back. Embrace the shape of your body, reach for those skirts, catch the a-line dress and buy the embellished top.


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