I’m so happy to show you the new arrivals of this week in the store because I just got a new supplier who will help me to expand the business. Besides, there are some surprises on the way, including new packaging ?.

But let’s talk about what is most important: the hot items I’m adding to the store this week.

Even living in Toronto – a city where we wear winter clothes almost the entire fall – I’m trying to add more garments for other weather conditions. That’s why you’ll see I chose lighter items.

One of my favorites is this woven jacket. I’m in love with these shirring sleeves because it’s a good choice for workdays but at the same time adds some relaxing vibes to a weekend outfit.

Another item I really like is this sweater. Can I call it a cold shoulder sweater? Maybe a semi-cold shoulder because it’s open only on one of the shoulders.

Something I love to do is add a little bit of “boldness” to basic garments and colors are perfect for that, right? Look this basic cardigan with a pop of color:

There’s something for everyone this week and I’ll leave the other items below so you can shop what you want:

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