My Summer Dresses 2020 Lookbook

Summer is coming and with it our beloved summer dresses! There’s something magical about putting only one piece on and feeling completely dressed! lol

Besides, I feel so light and because of that also free to walk around and explore new places.

On this video I wanna show you some of the summer dresses I’ll be wearing this summer. Of course, all of them are in my store!

Palm Print

I love this dress because it has a simple print yet it stands out. The green is vibrant enough to make this piece really colourful but at the same time is simple and easy to pair.


You can pair it with a basic colour bag, white or beige for example, or try to go further with a more vibrant one, like this yellow.

You can wear it loose or with a belt shaping the waist.

Black with lace

Black is not the first colour we think about when we think about summer dresses, but this one is a great option because it’s made from a very light material and has a summery design.

Its white faux lace hem brings balance to this dress. Because of this you can wear vibrant shoes to compose your not-so-plain look.


This dress is perfect for summer! The navy colour base makes it easy to wear and the colourful flower print brings a touch of boldness to the piece. I love the frilled sleeves as they make an interesting design without compromising the summery off-shoulder.


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