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I grew up being taught that fanny pack was the tackiest article that could exist in this world. It’s been so many years with this prejudice in mind that I don’t even know how I had the courage to try my first fanny pack this summer.

In fact, it all started in the spring. I was shopping when I saw a Calvin Klein fanny pack and was attracted to it. Obviously I did not admit this feeling at first, I approached only “out of curiosity”. Then I thought the price was good, I like the brand, I had seen some people using… I thought: “why not?”.

I took home my first fanny pack!

But it took me a while to it use because spring in Toronto this year seemed more winter than anything else. I was only able to debut it a few weeks ago at the Rolling Stones concert.

It was the perfect excuse to use it as they greatly limited the entrance of bags at the place.

The Rolling Stones

Only I loved the experience! It was great to spend all afternoon having fun without having to worry about shoulder bag, heavy backpack… nothing! It looks like you have nothing, but at the same time you have the basics you need with you.

The Rolling Stones

Since then I have adopted the fanny pack and have been going out with both my first Calvin Klein and the second one I bought (yes, I bought a second!) from Adidas.

Although the first one is very discreet and quite in line with the excuse of the show, Adidas’s is practically a declaration of love and unconditional support for the fanny packs because it’s… let’s say… colorful… ok, let’s face it: it’s bold! It’s holographic ?.


When I saw this fanny pack at Urban Outfiters I was unsure if I should buy it because it’s the kind of piece that 1) has to be bold to wear and 2) I can’t wear for long because I’ll get tired of it.

But now I’m very happy to have bought it. Since then I’ve been using a lot, especially on weekend trips. The fanny pack is good for walking the dog, walking along the waterfront, sitting down to eat somewhere. Anyway, I’m super satisfied.

And if you haven’t ventured into this trend yet, I would encourage you to try it. You don’t have to choose a holographic one, you can start with a more discreet one. You can even buy a cheap one to see if you like it.

But, you know what? I doubt you won’t like it when you try it!


And to help you, I made a selection of some interesting models for you to give the fanny a chance. Which one do you like best?



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