Today’s Outfit: light + colorful

It’s really hot in Toronto today. And, of course, my preference is for light clothing.

My shirt is already well known here on the blog. I know, I think What else did I wear this summer?. It’s super light, good to touch and has colors that fit well with the season. Not to mention that this detail of the tie makes it more than a simple shirt. I’m in love with it!

To complete my look I put a skirt that I have for many years (yes many years) and it would be impossible to find the same one to buy. So I made a selection of similar pieces:

Although not short, this skirt is very suitable for days of extreme heat because it’s very light. It’s ideal if you, like me, want to vary from shorts and denim skirts.

The glasses are from Guess and the sandals are another piece already well shown here in the blog and on my Instagram.

And to complete my look, I’m wearing my Adidas fanny pack which I bought a short time ago and I’m already using a lot.

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