We’re trying to enjoy patios as much as we can this season. After a long time in quarantine, having a cold drink under a tree or umbrella is everything we need!

Summer in Toronto

This past weekend we went to Hunters Landing‘s patio for the first time. We have been there before (and loved it!) but haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy their beautiful patio.

I say beautiful because it’s not just a bunch of tables under umbrellas, it’s well decorated with natural tress and flowers (watch the video above to fall in love with that patio).

Summer in Toronto

Unfortunately, they’re not serving brunch right now. Because of this whole pandemic situation they had to simplify their menu and we couldn’t have the Hunters Benedict ($16) with lobster, braised beef, baguettine and hollandaise sauce ?

But that’s ok because the Landing Burger ($17.50) was amazing. It comes with fresh Canadian beef chuck, cheddar, landing sauce, mixed greens and tomato. Hubby and I ordered the same.

Summer in Toronto

And, of course, everything gets better with a cold beer ? under the sun ☀️

Summer in Toronto
Summer in Toronto


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