I love to wear colours! Actually this is not a secret, right? I love colours so much that one of the main propositions of my boutique is to offer colourful pieces in an easy and affordable way.

But I know a lot of people are scared of colourful outfits and that’s what I thought would be important to make a video with some tips on how to incorporate more colours on your clothes.

Don’t be afraid! I have some simple rules you can follow (or dare) to make your life easier and, of course, more colourful!

Start with plain colours

If you want to start adding more colour to your outfit and still play safe, start with plain colours. Red is a wonderful colour to start with because it’s bold enough to stand out, yet is an easy colour to pair with.

Add colour to your accessories

Another fun and safe way to add colour to your outfit is with accessories. You can add colourful bags, earrings, necklaces… you name it! My favorite way is with a pair of shoes. It’s so easy to stand out this way!

Print dresses

Print dresses are a step forward to a more colourful wardrobe, yet they’re kinda safe, especially these days they are so trendy.

Start with a one-colour print and when you feel confident you can start to incorporate more colourful prints.

I love this navy-print dress because the base colour is basic but the print is so rich in colour and details!

Time to go bolder

I love bold colourful tops. You can pair it with jeans or denim shorts and you’re ready to stand out! And I believe ruffles and other details can really make the colours stand out!

Fun layer over plain

You can play with colours in a layer, like with this top I’m wearing. The base is blush pink, a very subtle colour, but the red embroidered flowers make all the difference!

Play with different styles

What if, besides the colours, you play with different designs? Colours can be even richer if they’re presented in a non-conventional style, like in this jumpsuit, for example.


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