How to Look Taller in Photos

Being a petite woman myself, I am very much aware of the name-calling we face as short people. I bet you are done with all the irritating phrases and want to try altering this fact somehow. The bad news is, we cannot do much regarding our genetics. However, the good news is that the world of smart photography and petite fashion tips has got us covered. It seems unbelievable, but setting the right camera angles and suitable poses can help you look taller in the photographs. 

If you are petite like me, here are a few tips to help you understand the camera angles and fashion that can help you add height to your photographs and no-longer look like a ‘shorty’ everyone refers to you as. 

Shoot your Photographs at Eye-Level

One way to appear taller in the photos is by having your photographer shoot at your eye-level. I repeat, ‘your’ eye-level. Taking photographs at eye-level gives an impression to the viewer that you’re at a similar height as them. If the picture is shot with the camera down, it will appear as if the photographer was taller, which is not something we want the photograph to portray. 

Shoot you Photographs at an Upward-Angle

If there appears to be something still missing in the eye-level photos, you do not need to worry. The upward-angle photos are sure to bear fruit. You can ask the photographer to bend or squat down and take a few clicks by tilting the camera or phone upwards. Take a few photos in different poses, and you’ll find your ideal stance, which will make you look taller, and trust me! No one will know the photographer had shot this while sitting if you manage to find ‘THE’ pose. 

Take Pictures while Sitting Down

Another hack to appear taller in the snapshots is to sit down. Exactly! That’s how easy it can be to look taller. This tip works especially around your tall friends. Click a picture sitting down with them, and no one will notice a height difference. 

Try Wearing Heels

A common yet effective solution to the short-look problem is wearing a pair of right-height heels. Whether standing up or sitting down, heels are sure to make you look taller in the pictures. You can wear block heels or the tall pencil ones; go for whatever type you want that is comfortable to your feet.

Wear Balance Attires

Along with the camera angles, fashion has equal importance to add height to your pictures. You should try avoiding anything oversized and go for long fitting dresses, like straight-legged jeans, turtle necks, etc. You can also choose the mini-skirts paired with cropped tops, which can help you appear taller. The fun thing is, belonging to the petite club myself, you can find the right fashion choices in my very own store! Do check them out, and you might find your ideal outfit. 

Lastly, the best tip regarding this is to not look tall in the photos at all. Embrace your height and take your pictures as many as you want, in whatever space and pose. You should love the way you are and not let anyone tell you otherwise!

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