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We love fondue in our home. I even shared with you my tips for the perfect chocolate fondue. But it’s time to share with you my tips on the perfect cheese fondue night (or morning, afternoon… I’m not here to judge!)


You can find some recipes on the Internet (Pinterest is my favourite place for it!) and, better, you can modify according to your taste. But what we usually do is buy packaged cheese fondue. You can find it in almost any supermarket.

The secret to choose is reading the ingredients and be sure most of the mixture is made with real cheese. That’s why we usually choose brands that offer cheese as well.

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A small tip: after I melt the mixture, I add 1-2 chopped garlic gloves and ground pepper. You can try it with some herbs you like, rosemary, for example.

The perfect pot

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Before we bought the pot we have now, we dived on a dip search (for us, fondue is a serious thing!) and I’m confident we chose the right one.

We bought the Trudeau Electric Fondue Scarlet Pot and here’s why:

First of all, it’s electric. We always wanted an electric one but, to be honest, only after we had this one we realized how much better it is! Especially for cheese and chocolate fondue because you have to maintain the temperature constantly to prevent it from burning or getting cold.


We’re amazed at how worry-free it is. We don’t have to adjust anything and focus on what is important: eating it!

Second, it’s made for all kinds of fondues. Maybe you don’t know, but not all pots are good for everything. Metal pots are good for borgoungnon fondue but it’s better to use a ceramic pot for cheese and chocolate fondues.

This pot we have comes with a ceramic pot to place over the metal one. It also allows you to fill the first pot with water so your cheese/chocolate will not receive direct heat.

I found the same on these two sellers

What to dip

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The cheese fondue is the most democratic one because there’s something for everyone: you can dip savoury or sweet food in it.

We prefer savoury food, so at our past fondue night we had toasted bread (sometimes I make it at home, sometimes I buy it), carrots and olives. Sometimes we have broccoli, cherry tomatoes and celery.

If you prefer sweet dippers, you can have apples and pears.

My tip on how to choose your dips: try to vary the flavours, choosing dippers with very different tastes from each other. Always have bread as it’s almost neutral and can help you to clean your palate.

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We always have something to eat that is not a dipper, like potato chips, for example. It’s important because you’ll be eating everything covered with cheese and can get bored easily. Having something plain will rest your palate.

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