Fall in Toronto

What a year! I think I can say we’re all glad it’s almost over. Even though the problems we’re facing right now in the world will not disappear on December 31st at midnight, we look to 2021 feeling a sort of relief knowing the vaccine is finally here.

I’m very grateful because besides all the inconvenience this year brought to us I feel I can’t complain. Here at home we’re all healthy, we’re still working on what we love and the dog… well, I guess the dog had the best year of her life!

If you think about it, our pets must have loved this year. With the owners around and no clue about the risks of coronavirus, I bet they did enjoy 2020.

For me it was a boring year. Maybe I was expecting too much of 2020. It would be my store’s first full year, we had plans to travel abroad and even explore Canada a little more. I did think it would be the best year of my life!

But I can’t complain. And I won’t.

Here’s 2021 and its 365 days to make up for everything we couldn’t do in 2020. I think it’s time to wrap everything up and rest my mind for a while so I can start the new year with all the energy I need to live it double.

So this is the last piece of content I will produce this year. At least a “formal” one. Maybe you’re going to see some posts with photos or videos here on the blog before 2021, but let’s say today is the last day I sit to write in 2020.

I’d like to thank you for your company during this turbulent year. I hope I could bring you some joy at least for a moment. I wish you restful and peaceful holidays and hope we can have a much better 2021.

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