How to transition from summer to fall

I hate to admit that summer is ending. Ok, it’s not really ending, it’s just an impression we have.

I think as we approach back to the school period and, of course, lots of commercials about it, we tend to start feeling that little nostalgia, even with more than a month to go.


I’ve seen a lot of Instagram posts with transition looks and a lot of people wondering how to put together a look when the days are still hot, but we are starting to feel a chilly breeze from time to time. So I decided to make this post sharing my tips on how I make my transition.

Lightweight protection

By the way, I’ll confess: as I live in a very cold city and winters are very long, I don’t miss the winter coats!

So I take this time to use those pieces that I think are beautiful but I have few opportunities to use.

My favorite is the cardigan. This for me is the fundamental piece for this period. And here are some reasons for this:

  • Protects from the wind but is still light. You don’t feel hot with him.
  • The long versions are super trendy, ideal to protect the legs from the wind (after all, we still want to wear shorts!)
  • It’s compact, so you can fold it and carry it in your bag wherever you go, avoiding the hassle of carrying a coat with you.

There is also the option of wearing kimonos, which are very fashionable. They have about the same advantages as cardigans, but are usually lighter. If you live in a region where summers are usually more intense than winters, I recommend having a kimono for this season. If you, like me, live in an area with severe winters, it’s very likely that the end of summer will be quite cold. So opt for a cardigan.

Maxi dresses and skirts

If you feel very cold in your legs, there is no need to wear trousers in this transition between summer and fall. You can opt for maxi dresses and skirts. They protect your legs from the cold but still allow you a “summer look”.

Hidden Toe Shoes

Goodbye sandals! Or at least until next year…

This is the time to start protecting your feet more. Even though it is not so cold, the extremities of our body are the first areas to suffer.

Often the cold can be avoided just by exchanging the flip-flops for closed toe shoes. It’s amazing how the same outfit can be felt totally different just because of this detail.

By wearing closed toe shoes you can even continue wearing summer clothes for a longer period.

For me, the best options are sneakers and ballerinas for more casual looks and loafers for a tidier look. And of course, good pumps are perfect for when we need to set up a more sophisticated outfit.

Think in colors

If you, like me, don’t like to say goodbye to summer and wish it would last a little longer, I suggest the trick of summer colors.

I love wearing more vibrant colors this season because, you know, when winter comes… even though I have a very varied wardrobe of coats, almost always my looks are in neutral tones.

So nothing is better than using colors to make the look more summery, without necessarily using pieces for very hot days.

A good example is trousers with very colorful floral prints, or cardigans in more vibrant colors such as red, blue (did you see my post about wearing blue in summer?) and yellow.

Take advantage of sales

And we can’t forget about the best thing about season transitions: sales! And yes, you can take advantage of promotions and buy pieces that you will use in the coming months.

The summer / fall transition is best for buying promotional items. Because you see: the pieces that go into clearance in late winter are usually very heavy and it’s almost impossible to use them in the warm months.

However, summer pieces can still be incorporated in the cold months. Okay, it might not be a good idea for you to buy dresses now, but blouses and T-shirts are still worn in winter as a first layer.

The tip is to find basic pieces you can wear under pullovers and jackets. I do not recommend buying pieces that are fad because you will not shine them so much and when you can finally undercover them, they will no longer be so fashionable.

Also try buying pieces that get well below others. For example, ruffles tend to bulge under the pullover and are almost never a good fit for the winter look.

I found a sale at Calvin Klein with discounts of up to 60% and thought it would be nice to select some pieces you can buy to wear this fall:

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