Casual Style doesn’t have to be boring!

If you love to feel comfortable but beige is not your colour, this post is for you! Answering the main question I get everyday from my readers, I decide to gather some outfit inspiration to prove we don’t have to wear boring clothes to feel comfortable. Yeah, babe, we can conquer the world and feel fabulous at the same time!

Outfit of the Day Toronto

Leopard is everywhere! And I love to pair this casual blouse with my cotton mini-skirt. So spring, right?

Gimme all the ruffles! They’re romantic and can elevate any outfit. I love this particular top because of its delicate details.

Toronto Spring

Talking about ruffles, they can make you stand out from the crowd. I love this embroidered top paired with my go-to spring denim shorts.

Weekend in Toronto

Do you think sport leggings are too casual? Put some fun cardigan on (I love this confetti one) or a hat, or a halo funny pack… or everything together!

Outfit of the Day Toronto

A classic denim jacket can gain a twist with a bold detail, like these red flowers. This piece is fresh and stylish!

Outfit of the Day Toronto

Oh lace… why don’t we wear lace everyday? You can combine lace with ruffles and the result is a not-boring-yet-comfortable top that can be worn on many occasions. I’m so in love with this top!

Toronto Blogger

How can a person who hates snakes (yes, me ?‍♀️) love snake print clothes??? I’ve been wearing this pair of pants all the time this season.

Toronto Blogger

Polka dots are so girlish and fun. Sometimes when you wanna go only a little step further, they can be your best ally.

Toronto Blogger

A basic cotton top can be transformed into a stylish top, adding some volume to it. This puff sleeve top is perfect for walking around on a regular day if we’re not a so regular person. And it’s paired with my favourite denim shorts!

Who said a dress has to have many colours to incorporate summer vibes? Sometimes we only need a fun detail at the hem to make it perfect. I love this dress because it’s super light weight!

Basic yet not so basic. Pleated skirts are super in these days and can be worn with a variety of tops. I love to pair them with a white tee to elevate my outfit. Especially this skirt with a fashionable leopard print band.

What about a simply designed dress with a bold mixture of colours? This navy dress is very light weight, making it perfect for hot summer days.

Ruffles again! This time with a floral pattern to transform any summer walk into a fashion statement. Without compromising comfort, of course. Love this yellow cold shoulder blouse!

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