SHEIN Try On: is it worth it? Check everything I got in detail!

I buy a lot at Shein. I know that many people are afraid of buying for several reasons: not knowing if the site is safe, not being sure if the clothes are as they appear in the pictures and, of course, if the clothes wear well. So, since I learned to trust this store – knowing its virtues and flaws – I thought it would be interesting to share my purchases here on the blog.

What I’m going to show you today is half of what I bought to create my content for the blog and instagram in the month of April. Since there were so many pieces, I divided the content into two so I could talk in depth about each one. I believe I can help you by showing the factors that will help you make the decision to buy or not, much more than just “showing” my look of the day.

So the first tip I give you is: take in each piece of information I’m going to give you and make your own decision whether it’s worth buying or not. Let’s go?

Pink Shorts / Short Trousers


What a beautiful thing the color of these shorts is! It has this social cut, but I wouldn’t risk saying it’s “social” because the color makes it a very casual and even fun piece. Perfect to effortlessly elevate the look .


Want to add a touch of color? Wear shorts like these with other basic pieces. A white t-shirt is perfect for that!

Now, talking about these shorts specifically, I would call them short trousers because they are longer than normal shorts. For me the length is perfect.

I like the cut because it curves the hips without a “balloon” effect. The pleats are very well done too.

The seams are well done, even if the fabric is not premium, the piece looks expensive to the eye.

Smockered Top with Tulle


This top surprised me! I usually avoid buying white clothes (not only at Shein, but on any website) because I think it is too easy to get something that is not as white as it should be. But the picture of this top on the model looked so beautiful and the price was so affordable that I decided to take a chance. And I didn’t regret it! This top is wonderful!

The smockered seams are very well done, the white is really white and the sleeve is a dream! It fits baggy on the arms, making the desired puff sleeve effect.

The size was as expected. I bought it in Small.

Blue crocheted top


This top looks great on the body. The “crochet” of the details is very well done and the crepe fabric makes it look more expensive than it really is.

I really liked the shoulder because it’s not low-cut, but it ends in the right place so that it’s not so baggy.

Beware: this top is see-through! I already knew that I would have to choose the bra wisely due the front bra openings, but in addition, it is quite transparent. I recommend wearing a white lingerie-type shirt underneath.

Mint Smockered top with puff sleeve


The first thing that convinced me to buy this top was the color. I was really looking for something in mint color, which is super trendy. The highlight for me are the sleeves, they have great volume without being uncomfortable. Sometimes this type of sleeve falls off the shoulder and it can be quite annoying, right? But this one is just right, it doesn’t fall off!

I tried it on as an off-shoulder top, and it was very nice. I think I’ll use it a lot when I want to take pictures for Instagram.

I was a little bothered by the end of the crimping because it makes a kind of “groove” in the line of the top that, from a distance, can look like it’s badly placed on the body. But that won’t make me not wear it.

White Shorts


Yes, I told you I don’t usually buy white clothes online, but these shorts had also a very inviting price and I decided to take a chance.

Overall, I liked them and I will wear them, but I won’t give them such a good rating because they are transparent. Ok, it is something common in white clothes, but still I think they could have made it with a thicker fabric or with a lining. I will put a pair of shorts underneath and solve the problem.

Apart, the garment is very well made. The seams, both on the hem and on the pleats, are perfect. I also liked the cut because, just like the pink shorts above, it makes the curve well without the “balloon” effect.

Violet frilly top


This is my favorite piece!!! I am completely in love with this top, from the color, to the volume of the frills!

I bought it thinking it would be a simpler top, but was surprised when I saw that it was much more than I thought. I found the finishing of the frills to be excellent, the stitching very well done, and it looked more expensive than it really is.

Even though I bought it in small, it was a little loose around the collar, but nothing that could fall out when I’m wearing it.



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