What I wore: Toronto Islands

o que vestir toronto

Can I register a slipper day look ???

It’s because I think the slipper was the key piece of this look!

When we finally decided to get to know the islands here in Toronto, I doubt about clothes, since we did not know very well what we would find there.

And good thing I was in flip flops, it was the best decision. So much that I make a point of posting here so you can get this tip.

Toronto has many parks, but I do not think any place will leave you in more contact with nature than the islands.

There is plenty of room to be explored and several of them in contact with the water. Not to mention the beaches we found there. It is very worth going prepared to wet your feet.

And if you don’t like to get your feet wet (even because I’m not going to lie, the water is cold), at least take the opportunity to walk barefoot through the grass. An activity you will not have opportunity to do for most of the year here in Toronto.

In addition to flip-flops, I recommend a cool tank top and shorts, of course. Take a sunglasses and hat if you have one. Another tip is to bring a backpack (but one that is light) with water bottle (There are places on the island to fill) and sunscreen.

Shirt: Ardene
Shorts: H&M
Flip Flops: Havaianas
Hat from a street market
Backpack: Tommy Hilfigher
Shades: Ray-Ban

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