Good and Cheap Bluetooth Headset

Padmate PAMU Earbuds X13

Ever since I bought Apple Watch I was crazy about a bluetooth headset.

At the top of the list are Apple’s own Arirpods, of which I hear wonderful things. Except they cost $ 229.

Even if I had $ 229 left over, I’d be scared to buy it. Have you seen the size of the pet ??? Surely I would lose in the same week!

So I was looking for another that was cheaper and did not give me such a big grip on my heart.

That’s when Cris found this funding campaign on Pamu’s Indigogo, a bluetooth headset that promises worlds and backgrounds and for just … amazing … USD 30! We bought two, one white for me and one black for Cris.

But he knows how crowdfunding, you pay and wait, wait, wait … until he arrived a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been testing so that I can come here to review it for you.

The Pamu

The handset is of good quality. You take it and feel it is made of good quality material.

The design is very pretty. It is not as low-key as the Aripods, but they are quite small. And most importantly: it fits well into the ear. I’ve run with it and NEVER fell. They are extremely comfortable.

The headphones come in a pretty, functional case, since it’s their battery charger. When you are not using them, simply store them inside the box for them to be charged (and the box needs to be recharged from time to time by a mini-usb cable.).

When you take them out of the box, they automatically start searching for nearby devices to pair, and if they have been paired before, they automatically connect.

To start or pause a song, you can play it once, Playing twice in a row, you advance to the next song on your list.

I did not test, but the manufacturer says it is waterproof and can even be used in the bath.

You can also touch it to answer a call and of course use it to speak without having to have the cellphone or Apple Watch nearby.

What I loved

I was very surprised at the price we paid. The cheapest headphones he had found cost about $ 50 and had a horrible cord connecting to each other. Those who have the Pamu-like design cost more than $ 200.

I loved the feel of it in the ear, it weighs almost nothing and, as I said, never fell, even running hard.

I have answered calls on the street and managed, even with all the noise around, to understand and be understood quietly.

What I did not love

I came to the conclusion that you should choose a single device to pair it and always use it.

I first connected to the iPhone, then to the Apple Watch and then the bug became super confusing and it took until I could get it right the way I wanted it again.

Once I used Cris’s on my watch and then it was also tricky for him to get rid of. Even “forgetting” the headset on Apple Watch my insisted on sending the audio to Cris’s Pamu.

Now that we’ve been able to connect everyone on their Apple Watch, we’ve never touched.

My considerations

Highly recommend the Pamu. Cris who has already used Airpods says there is a slight difference in sound, but it’s quite small and not worth the difference in price.

I really like the sound that comes out of it and it also does not bother me to use it on the street, even though it is less discreet than Airpods.

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