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My last coffee companion in the afternoon was the book Color, Light & Composition which, as the name delivers, talks about these three important (if not the most important) elements that a photographer needs to master.

I decided to take this book in the library because I’m on a vibe of wanting to better understand color manipulation in photography. You know, this trend in harmonic feed on Instagram got me and I’ve been studying quite a bit how to develop a style for my photos.

In fact, the book takes a much more basic approach and would say that it is ideal for beginners in Photography. Not the raw beginner who is looking to learn how to use a camera, but the beginner who has already understood the technique and now needs to learn concepts.

The book begins by talking about colors, how they relate, hot and cold colors, saturation, etc. It is a part that can be extremely useful to anyone who is beginning to discover the role – not so obvious – that colors have in a photograph.

Then he speaks of what – at least for me – is the most difficult in Photography: light. And in this part we also find the basics for those who begin to understand lights: direction of lights, diffusion, etc.

Only then does the book speak in Composition, which for me would make more sense to come first. I say this because I think it is the simplest element, accessible to everyone since it requires no equipment other than the camera and can dramatically transform the result of a photograph with simple details.

Well, whenever you ask for photography tips, I start by talking about composition because I think it’s the simplest thing anyone can learn and that instantly improves the photos.

For whom I recommend the book

As I said, it’s a book that helps anyone who is looking to begin to understand photography concepts. And I think these people can notice a giant leap in their photographs after reading this book /

For whom I  don’t recommend the book

Book Color Light & CompositionAnyone who has understood the basics and looking for something more advanced may find this book very shallow. I do not remember reading anything that made me think “wow, how incredible, I did not know that.”


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