This week nails: #243 Regal Bio Seaweed


I came from a sequence of enamels with more open and fun colors. But I decided this week to use a more closed tone and a color that I do not use much: violet (or would it be purple? Hehe).

The color chosen was # 243 Regal.

I went to the same salon as ever, to make the nails shellac, but with a different enamel brand: Bio Seaweed.

You know that I am faithful to O.P.I. and almost always choose an enamel of this brand, but that violet enchanted me and I did not resist.

The result of the nail was good, I would say slightly less shiny than an O.P.I., but now it remains to know if it will last the two weeks that usually last, right?

Wait for the next chapters …


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